Trial Version - Job scheduling software A-AUTO enables organizations uniform operations and cost reduction.

A-AUTO - Trial Version

A-AUTO 50 - Compact version of A-AUTO for Windows/Linux

Main features of the A-AUTO compact version

  1. Automation of small-scale tasks
    The compact version can be applied to small-scale operations, involving up to 50 jobs.

  2. Full functionality same as the paid-for version
    All the functions provided with the paid-for version of A-AUTO are available in the compact version, so that the tool can be stably operated in small-business applications.

  3. No limitation on software licenses
    To enable our customers to automate all the small systems they have, we place no restriction on the number of user licenses. A-AUTO can be applied to as many small systems as needed. Each license covers up to fifty jobs.

  4. Global application
    Both Japanese and English versions are available, so that users can take advantage of A-AUTO in a global environment.

Download Now<< Visit A-AUTO 50 website to download the compact version of A-AUTO.