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Case Studies

* The company names and the contents of the case studies are given as of the time of the interview.

Case of ZEON Corporation
To consolidate global group management, BSP A-AUTO was applied to SAP R/3

Mr.Yuji Kawasaki  Manager  Systems Operations Group  Zeon Corporation
Mr. Yuji Kawasaki
Systems Operations Group
Zeon Corporation

The ZEON Corporation, established in April 1950, was founded as the first full-scale manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride resin in Japan, with capital and technology support from BF Goodrich Chemicals of the United States. At its founding, the company adopted BF Goodrich's Geon trademark for a polyvinyl chloride resin as its corporate name. Since BF Goodrich Chemicals withdrew capital support in 1971, ZEON has been the company name. The ZEON Group has about 20 international offices and foreign affiliates in Europe, USA, Asia, and Oceania.


Mr. Tetsuo Hoshino  Team Leader  Zeon Corporation
Mr. Tetsuo Hoshino
Team Leader
Zeon Corporation

In May 2000, as part of the effort to comply with international accounting regulations, to increase the efficiency of consolidated accounting, and to streamline business processes, the company decided to redevelop its mission-critical systems with SAP R/3. They selected R/3 as their ERP package because it had been adopted widely all over the world, and the overseas facilities of ZEON had already adopted SAP R/3. The modules they introduced are Production Control, Financial Accounting, Controlling, Business Data Warehouse, and more. Since they planned to redevelop all the mission-critical systems except the Human Capital system, choosing systems management tools that meet their requirements was very important.

After considering several tools, ZEON decided to adopt BSP A-AUTO as its job scheduling software. The main reasons they chose A-AUTO are that they had been using the product on the mainframe environment for a long time and it had proved its high-quality performance. ZEON had had more than 50 application systems on the mainframe, and A-AUTO had managed them very well. The Zeon people are familiar with the product. Also, A-AUTO provides scheduling control over multiple platforms and applications across the enterprise, and it manages heterogeneous environments effectively.


Mr. Akio Oda  Team Leader Systems Operations Group  Zeon Corporation
Mr. Akio Oda
Team Leader
Systems Operations Group
Zeon Corporation

Mr. Oda, Leader of Systems Management Team at Zeon, has said, "A-Supervision was another factor in our choice of A-AUTO . Because of its user-friendliness, human errors had been reduced." Using Job Network progress monitor enables users to monitor status, and preceding and succeeding relationship between Job Networks. This gives a timely and clear grasp of work progress.

In August 2001 ZEON started entering data such as that related to accounting. Then in October 2001, a year and half after this project was started, system service in the client-server environment began as scheduled. In 2004 ZEON completed the downsizing and moved all operations to a distributed system.

As the system expands, A-AUTO will be utilized even more.

From Mainframe to Openframe

【Corporate Information】

Company name:ZEON Corporation
Establishment:Apr 12, 1950